Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Disclaimer: I could write all day about Naturally Sharp memories, but this post is mostly showing off how good N# 2009 is.

OK, so I was in a pop a cappella group in college. The kind that sings stuff you'd hear on the radio.

Our retarded very original name was "Naturally Sharp." We were founded by our buddy Anthony in 2003ish, who, in retrospect, probably threw the group together for no other reason than to gain a competitive edge in the world of hooking up.

You know, now that I think about it, forget "probably," that's definitely why Anthony started it.

 Naturally Sharp, 2006ish

Anyhow, we threw together 2 or 3 standards and 2 or 3 radio hits, and hit the all-female dorms.

We all liked to sing and have fun, but none of us, regrettably, were real standout singers. So we decided to just be really inappropriate fun, and we were.

I stand firmly against the overuse of words or phrases that have a distinct meaning, but are misused / overused so frequently that the original meaning is lost, so believe me when I say we had no shame. I won't go into embarrassing details, but believe me, we were really committed to building a following.

Throughout our university years, we, the founding group, went from a loose group of beer-drinking buddies to singing the biggest venue at Virginia Tech, getting paid gigs all over the place, and hosting our own concerts.

Well, after the founding members all graduated, we were sort of worried that the soul of the group would die out.

It didn't. And the singing got way better.

Listen to the 2009 concert here:


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Turntable Soul

New "Turntable Soul" out today --- if you aren't listening to these, you are about as cool as bringing Zima to poker night.

They're a mix of "Northern Soul, Roots, and Modern Love."

I can't describe it any better than that, but I can tell you that when you play it, whatever you're doing - and I mean anything, you will feel cooler.

Driving in the car? Smoov.

 Loading flood plain data into a geodatabase? Chill.

Trying to get the goddamn garbage disposal to work right for the third goddamn time this week? Fresh.

A genre built from failures,


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