Friday, March 12, 2010

four year strong

I used to fancy myself a super cool punk rocker. I mostly did this because I listened to a lot of punk music, or so I thought.

Yes, this is actually a real picture of me. 
I'm holding the controls for a hydraulic suspension system on a lowrider Chevy. 
Yeah, my head exploded a little bit when I saw this picture too.

Years later, in my infinite wisdom as a wannabe music reviewer, I realize that all the music I ever liked was pretty much straight-on POP, with a dash of punk flavor.

Anyways, I used to wear No Fear t-shirts, which, at the time, were very X-TREME, I rode my skateboard everywhere in the neighborhood, which I now realize actually somehow takes more energy than just walking somewhere, and used to try to do sweet jumps on my BMX bike. I have a permanent scar on my belly from where I did what eyewitnesses describe as "most of a backflip" on my bike.

This was me, trying to be a super cool punk rocker. I have recordings of me playing and singing Green Day songs, solo acoustic style, at home. Equal parts bad and hilarious.

Well, since about 5 years ago, I have not been reppin' pop punk like I used to. I started to become embarrassed by it, because it seemed like I was "aging out" of the "scene." The funniest part about that sentence is that I actually thought I was a part of a scene. Anyhow, I started focusing on my guitar nerd roots --- Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Derek Trucks, and my own personal musical napalm, John Mayer, leaving punk, pop-punk, punk-pop, and whatever the hell else you want to call it, behind.

Well, just today, I was cruising iTunes, to see if anything that slipped past Stereogum or Pitchfork was charting. What I found, was a cool looking album cover that linked to a band called Four Year Strong's latest release, "Enemy of the World."

Enemy Of The World
Pictured: A centaur with a machine gun.

I clicked Preview All, and something wonderful happened.

I got a twinge of that attitude I used to have - that attitude that helped me be in a good mood on a bad day, the attitude that helped me care a little less about what people were thinking, and more about what I was thinking. Now, I don't intend to wax philosophical on the psychology of punk music, but I can definitely say that there's something to it that evokes a very, very distinct response in me --- a response that I can't synthesize on my own.

I bought the album, and I'm giving it the first spin now, so I won't review it, but I will say that if you related to anything I wrote up there, you might want to check this album out.

Fakie backside nollie to 540 ahhhh who am I kidding,


  1. I think I lived with you during some of that phase, and my head exploded over that picture too! Makes me think of T-Dog and BMX in the garage... and air drums in the jeep :-)

  2. Haha, that picture was taken in T-Dawg's truck... in college.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't actually dress like that in college; it was Halloween.

    (I couldn't say that in the main article, though --- the point has more weight if the reader thinks I was actually that..."into it."



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