Thursday, February 16, 2012

what I'm listening to february 2012

Here is what I have been into musically recently:

Kimbra - compositionally interesting modern soul from a sexy Kiwi. Definitely the best music on this whole page:
Best songwriting / composition:
Sexiest (live) video:

Now that’s some real female vocal talent.

In the dude-bro category, we have Anthony Green’s new solo stuff. You may know him as the singer from Saosin with absurd high register. He is also the vocalist of Circa Survive, one of my favorite bands of all time. And he has a solo album now that is ridiculously good.


Best representative of the album:

Fuckin’ songwriting. Fuckin’ arrangement. Love this stuff.

If you have to do the indie / emo thing, at least make it good. Welsh band Los Campesinos! brings the poppy hook like none other. Also has a legit early emo feel, which I love, as a big Get Up Kids fan.


Best song:
If you have to rock, like for real rock, go for Bad City. They sound like Queen and AC/DC and KISS, but young. I am not overstating when I say they ROCK AYASS! Prepare to tear your shirt off and play air guitar. Every fucking song on this album is good. Also, they look like they’re on drugs, which I find to be a huge plus for any band.


Baseball and Apple Pie-est:
Power Balled we need to learn acoustic: (It’s called “Fire In The Pouring Rain”, LOL)

Next up is, of course, French electronic music made by a high schooler. Musically, he just fucking has it. He is uncannily good at having a sense for badassitude in rhythm. Hello Madeon:


Best introduction to his style: (awesome video, too)
Best song:

And in the guilty pleasure / I’m obviously on drugs category, we have Honey Claws. No explanation here, I can’t defend it.


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