Monday, April 11, 2011

what I've been listening to recently

Here are some of my recent music purchases. I am putting them out there this way (ugly formatting, no tactful descriptions) because I don't have much time to write like I used to. I still like sharing music, though, even if I can't pack my descriptions and reviews with metaphors and lulz. I didn't take the time to embed the YouTube videos(I barely took the time to write this disclaimer), but don't be a lazy ass - just scroll-wheel-click them. Especially Bernhoft.

Jarle Bernhoft's "1: Man, 2:Band" 2 disc set (one solo, one with a band)

He is a Norwegian soul singer, who has an amazing voice. Actually amazing. He is a badass acoustic guitar player and loop artist as well - he does the whole one-man-band thing really well, without the gimmicky feel of some other loop-heavy solo acts.

Watch this video first:
Watch this video second:


Sam & Dave's "The Best of Sam & Dave"

Timeless classic stuff. Makes me feel good.

Peter Frampton's "Frampton Comes Alive"

Turns out that his stuff is awesome, beyond the talkbox lesson that is "Do You Feel Like I Do."

Fitz & The Tantrums's "Pickin Up The Pieces"

New soul --- motown vibe, with more modern subject matter. Cool New York swagger. I hate that word, but I'm trying to take its power away by using it properly.


Further Seems Forever's "Hope This Finds You Well"

Remember the time that Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carabba had a badass alt-rock band with one of the best drummers ever? Then he left and the new singer was even better than he was? This band is long defunct, but for some reason, I wanted to listen to them recently so I grabbed their greatest hits, which, thankfully, exists.


Warren Zevon's "The Best of Warren Zevon"
Jimmy Buffett thought Warren Zevon was a badass. Jimmy Buffett's always right. Zevon wrote "Werewolves of London" but has a lot of other great songs. Cynicism and macabre all the way, but dressed up in breezy, plucky summer strummers.


Foo Fighters's "Foo Fighters"
The original debut album - recorded entirely by Dave Grohl in his garage almost 20 years ago. So pumped for their new album - it sounds like this old album. This is very 5th grade nostalgic for me.


Bright Eyes's "People's Key"

This band just keeps getting better and better. That never happens. You either love or hate 'em.

Woo, that felt good to get out. Sorry I don't write (very frequently) any more.


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