Monday, November 02, 2009

Them's the Breaks

Editor's Note: Notice the calendar I've added on the right. Tortally allsome. If you use Google Calendar, I've made it public, so you can integrate it with your own calendar and stay on top of the new music releases that I care about. While we're on the topic, I want to disclose that this blog isn't about new music releases in general --- I'm only writing about stuff that I like. So if your musical taste falls entirely within my own, you're in luck. If not, you are going to miss out on some stuff (don't expect to see any Lady Gaga releases here).

Let me break it down for you:


Our family symbol, the fleur-de-lis. Translated literally, it means "drinking after college"

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween. I know I did. We had about 3 trick-or-treaters. One of those three was a little boy dressed up like some sort of a Japanese animation thing, and when I opened the door, the little boy was shy and turned back around to his dad.

His dad encouraged him, asking the little boy gently, "What do you say to the man?"

And the little boy said "can I use your potty --- I really gotta go!"

Halloween rocks.

I just subscribed to a new podcast this weekend, "Indie Music Filter," and it's great --- definitely a fun mix of stuff, from the more acoustic-focused side of what we classify as "indie," to the more electronic and hard-edged stuff. I recommend it to all who seek new music. Image is a link.

On my first listen of this podcast, I heard a song that really jumped out at me: "Road Regrets" by Dan Mangan. The song has a sense of autumn to it, the cold feeling you get, the feeling of solitude, and the feeling of being nestled in your car like it's your fortress. It also has an energy behind it that's not immediately evident, but on second listen you'll hear that it has energy without being loud or fast. Just an all around brilliant song. Live version below, but you can hear (and download for free) the most-excellent and actually more recommended studio version here.

Another notable find from the podcast was "Invisible" by Winter Gloves, Ease V Remix. Has an old MUTEMATH type of sound to it --- with really sharp keyboards and some badass sampling on it. The part of the song I like is mostly Winter Gloves - so don't think "remix only" band. I like their overdriven organ sound. Not a euphemism.

Also, people --- get ready for the new Say Anything and the new The Almost albums tomorrow. I've already written them up, this is just a reminder to spend your Christmas-gift fund on albums tomorrow.

Enough about music, let's talk about me.

I took my first Statics exam last Monday. For those of you not in the know, I have a bachelor's degree in Geospatial Analysis, which is the-science-of-writing-a-blog-while-you-wait-for-the-stupid-piece-of-shit-thing-to-finish-sometime-in-this-decade, but I have always had an interest in mechanical engineering, which I squarely avoided when I was at one of the nation's top engineering schools because I heard the homework was hard.

Anyways, I'm taking some basic classes at the local community college to gauge where I'm at scholastically, and I'm really impressed with how hard I've worked on this class. Except now, if I get a C, I will be laughed at by 18 year olds who didn't get into real college. Anyways, my love of all things mechanical led me to this fascinating account of how motorcycles are really made.

"...argument juice, from the argument lobe of the female brain, is added to allow the bike to change direction in an instant."

Also, daylight savings time really messed me up. It's off for the winter. I am used to driving to work in the dark (have to leave early to beat biblically spectacular traffic) and driving on a road when the sun is up with relatively few cars is a new experience for me. Also, having the sun set earlier sucks for me. I like to go fishing after work, and DST's retreat is messing up my "me time."

I know it's safer for the schoolchildren or whatever, but do schoolchildren drive the economy? Do schoolchildren solve the nation's hard problems? Do schoolchildren get pummeled by 5 different bosses all day, each thinking their task is the most important thing in the universe and just need to hit the river and have some goddamn peace and quiet after a hard day?!?!

No. They don't.

Anyways, I will saving my "hating on teenagers" rant for another day. I have that thing so well-rehearsed it's practically law. The Cliff's Notes version is: I hate teenagers.

Vote tomorrow! Vote for whoever the anti-teenager candidate is!


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