Tuesday, October 27, 2009

P.O. Box 963

Alright folks, two in one day. This is what we call an "event based entry," similar to my gold tooth escapade (that I have to stop writing about, because now all my Google ads are for rap CDs and ringtones --- oh, and dentistry), where something so notable pops up that I have to spread the word.

I just heard a song that really, truly straddled genre --- 4 genres to be exact. Hip-Hop straight to Metal to Pop to Techno. When I say techno, I don't mean a little synthesizer beat in the background for 8 measures, no no, I am talking about if-you-walked-into-a-club-and-you-heard-this-on-the-box-you-wouldn't-think-anything-of-it no-shit techno. The metal is tight, tight, tight and has that painful dissonance I love so much. The melodic / pop parts are so sweet that even Daniel will like it (yeah, that's a personal callout, deal with it). I was so surprised that I bought their album without previewing anything else on it. So far it's been a fantastic listen. I heard it while listening to Pandora on an "A Day To Remember" seed.

The band is Attack Attack!, the song that took me for a ride is "Stick Stickly."

From what I saw in their music video, these guys all have the same haircut.

Here is a music video of the song that surprised me so much, which I actually like better as just audio --- I feel like seeing the band takes away from how awesome the song is, so I recommend turning away from the video, and letting the audio rip really loud. The reason I say that is because hearing something powerful is one thing, but seeing that the powerful sound was made by five 19 year olds wearing their sister's jeans takes something away from the experience. Call me crazy.

Edit: I found a video that was just the album cover. It's better this way. My point about 19 year olds in girl pants is still relevant.

The album opens with this notably authentic "crunk" style intro, and drops directly into what sounds just like real honest-to-Beelzebub metal, which turns into alt-pop melody within about 20 seconds. A confusing minute of music, for sure. 2 minutes later you're hearing club-style techno with vocoded harmonies, wrapped up with a big ugly dissonant metal finish. Even if you hate metal, pop, techno, and hip-hop, after hearing this song you'll be thinking, at the very least: "Well, by God, they really crammed a lot into 4 minutes."

Anyways, give them a listen, click the album cover to preview, and buy it if you like it.

A quick note, almost every image I post is a link --- album covers will be links to somewhere you can preview or buy that album, usually Amazon MP3, just a personal preference.

I am really excited to get this album spinning in the car on the drive to work.

I like to play a game with the toll booth people where I try and play the most inappropriate music I can find when I roll up to the booth. I don't mean bad words and such, I mean mismatched themes, like "white guy, black music," or "straight looking dude, really girly music." I get a kick out of it and I'm sure they do too. Try it next time you hit a tollbooth.

Girls hate music like this,


  1. C'mon...do you really need to use parentheses around "crunk," what with the gold tooth and all? Anyhow, I have to commend you - your description of this one actually made me immediately play their video (not my usual response). Not exactly my cup of gin and juice (I'll never get the whole alt/pop thing mixed with the "harder" genres), but you're right - definitely a thorough 4 minutes.

  2. Heck yeah! Glad to get you listening to new music, albeit weird music.



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