Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Those Geese are Made In America

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my boss. After we talked about progressive synergy and leveraging capabilities for 2 hours, we went back to her office where she told me what my new salary was. Very progressive.

I was in a good mood for the rest of the day, basically floating on a cloud of goofy, because I hadn't really gotten any big, good news that would affect my everyday life since I found out that John Mayer was releasing a new album this fall.

Well, I left work early, unable to focus on anything but high-fiving my wife (not a euphemism) and popping a champagne cork (OK, maybe a little bit.) I got home and poured two flutes of champagne and got started on dinner. After an endearing toast by my wife and awkwardly doing the arm-hook champagne sip thing, we enjoyed a nice dinner and talked about how awesome I am.

After dinner, I left for the Greg Koch guitar clinic at my local music store. Greg Koch is my second favorite guitar player, and even though he's not even famous enough to have a Wikipedia article, I like him as a guitar player because he has THA SKILLS, he has fun, and he manages to be a family man and a nice guy. Pretty much everything I want out of guitar playing.

I'll spare the guitar nerd details, but it was completely enveloping. An intersection of subtle humor and great playing, detailed explanation and gear geeking. Totally up my alley. After the show I talked to Greg for a few minutes, he signed an 8x10 for me, signed my #1 Stratocaster, and took a picture with me.

Per usual, he asked me "so your name is Hunter --- do you hunt?" After a brief dialogue about consuming everything weaker than yourself, he declared that as a Hunter, I must "feast on game." Agreed.

Also, found a magnificent YouTube. Now, I know what you're thinking - there are lots of funny YouTube videos out there, and this one is probably just as lame as what my aunt "Fwd: FWD: FWF: Fwd: Hilarious Must Watch!!! <3"s to me, but this is truly a cut above the rest: Auto-Tune the News.

The Federal Commission of T-Pain approves!

I rarely laugh out loud on YouTube videos, but the lines "Those Geese Are Made in America" and "I know, it tastes like goat shit" (below) really set me off.

Just spend the rest of your evening watching all the Auto-Tune the News videos.


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