Thursday, October 01, 2009

Noddin' my head like yeah

I gotta g'on head on break 'em off wit' a little preview to da weblog.

This blog isn't going to be all about music. Music will be popping up here a lot, because I enjoy it. I see value in all music - kind of like the old "a bad day fishing is better than a good day at the office." But this blog will also include other stuff.

Like this short story about me getting a promotion.

I got a promotion at work today. My boss just walked into my office and said "I'm here to tell you that you're being promoted." In my mind, I was all "noddin' my head like yeah," but on the outside I managed to stand up and shake his hand.

The whole deal was slightly awkward because he didn't have anything else to say, so we just both stood there for a minute alternating between me re-thanking him and him re-telling me I earned it. I went outside after my boss left, to call my wife and tell her. After I did this, I decided to call my mom.

Now, Mom has a way of always reacting to good news in a peculiar way.

So I call my mom, and after asking me if I could hear her for 45 seconds and telling me about the bus she was on (?), I tell her I got a promotion.

She responds with "are you moving to another office building?", "what other work do you have to do now?" and other fairly detailed and inconsequential questions before circling 'round to the "congratulations" I was so obviously fishing for. Classic mom!

So I go back in to my office, and I'm excited of course, but nobody else is, because it's just "Thursday" for everyone except me. I'm not going to yell down the hall "hey everyone! I got promoted!" or anything, so I just go back to my office, and I'm sitting there like "hell yeah! I'm the man today, I am rockin' this job LIKE A BOSS!" and feeling really pumped up, when my co-worker walks by --- I think that maybe he overheard that I got promoted and was dropping by to congratulate me, because he had a big smile on his face, and I am excited for my day of getting high-fived to get started - today is my day!

Well, he leans in the door and says, "That map you have to fix today was in way worse shape than we thought --- you are going to have a
shitload of work to do." and walks away.



  1. You probably got promoted because you started a blog. You're welcome.

  2. Dude, do we have the same mom somehow?



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