Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tears of a Baby Panda

First up is an album I'm really excited about. The Almost is a band a lot like the original Foo Fighters --- a pop rock outfit with all songs written by and every instrument played by the savage drummer from another well known heavy band. Aaron Gillespie, if you don't know him already, is the badass drummer, clean vocalist, and principal songwriter for the ha-mazing melodic hardcore band, Underoath. Below you can see what an artful songwriter and capable vocalist he is. Don't be fooled, though, most of Underoath's music is more like this. The drums on the song I just linked in the previous sentence have resulted in numerous near-car-crashes for me, as I can't refrain from air-drumming. This applies to almost every Underoath song, so if you see me on the road and you hear Underoath, pull over and call the police.

The amazing part is how The Almost is so unlike Underoath. Aaron notes, “As much as I love what I do in that band [Underoath], there are songs in me and music that I enjoy just as much that comes from melody."
I like Aaron Gillespie, Underoath, and The Almost so much that I'm going to come off pushy if I go any further. Dive into YouTube and hit some Underoath and The Almost videos.

Start with this undeniably Foo Fighters-meets-90's-radio-single track from their (his?) upcoming "Monster Monster," and dive back to their Billboard #7, "Say this Sooner"

Next one's for you emos. Just kidding, I like it too.

New Dashboard Confessional single out this week - Belle of the Boulevard. I used to make fun of Dashboard Confessional / Chris Carabba for the over-the-top band name and the "would you just  grow a pair and deal with it already?!" inducing sappiness, but years later, seeing that they were just musicians speaking in "their voice" as a band, I can't hate on that. The single comes as the spearhead of their upcoming November 10 album release, "Alter the Ending" which we can't preview yet. I'm sure it will fly off the shelves, under the guise of "irony" for people who are still too ashamed to admit they like a band that sounds like a baby panda crying.

 Out on October 20, is a new Flight of The Conchords album, "I Told You I Was Freaky." This is the kind of album I never buy, but love to find YouTubes of to listen to at work. The thing about Flight of the Conchords is that while they're a comedy act, their music is actually catchy / memorable, so I'll find myself humming it. Funny when you realize your humming the melody of "You're definitely the most beautiful girl I've ever seen......with a kebab." Preview it now on Amazon by clicking the album cover

Also, you know I can't stay off "The John," (there's got to be a better way to say that) so here's the newly released video for his new single, "Who Says." I don't like the video as much as I like the song, it takes the opposite tone that I was figuring it would. Whatever the message is, it looks like fun, and the video is one you'll want to watch twice.

I found a decent light pop album while cruising Amazon, too --- Qu by Sherwood. I can't really categorize it further than it's like sugar compared to bread --- this one's sugar, giving you what you need right now, but I can see it losing it's spot in the CD tray the same month you buy it. Listening now. Yours for $2.99 @ Amazon.

Had to counter my gold tooth with some alt rock cred,

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